"Can't Stop Moving"

Dance Video Contest



    We are pleased to announce the winners
    of 'Arariyo 2018 Online Dance Video contest'!

  1. 2nd Prize:

    Judance Team, Russia (Watch Video)
    Seoul Boyz, Korea (Watch Video)

  2. 3nd Prize:

    Hanmin Academy, Korea (Watch Video)
    John Higuera, Colombia (Watch Video)

  3. * Our panel of judges chose the winning entries based on how well they exemplified
    the entry requirements. (Please see 'Step 2' of 'How to Enter' below.)
    However, we ask of your kind understanding on the fact that there was no entry chosen for the first prize.

Dance Off! Keep on Moving to Win


Dance to the song “ARARIYO PyeongChang” by Korea’s top jazz artist Juhan Lee of Winterplay featuring Hyorin of Sistar. Then send us your dancing video to win the amazing prize total of 60,000 US dollars!

In celebration of upcoming 2018 Olympic Winter Games to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea, We hope everyone catches the happy-dancing virus until the game is on!!!

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  1. $30,000

    1st Prize (1 team or Individual)
    $30,000 US dollars

  2. $10,000

    2nd Prize (2 teams or individuals)
    $10,000 US dollars each

  3. $5,000

    3rd Prize (2 teams or individuals)
    $5,000 US dollars each

How to Enter

  1. Download Our Official Contest Music “ARARIYO PyeongChang” by Juhan Lee of Winterplay featuring Hyorin of Sistar for free by clicking the button below.
  2. Shoot your own creative “ARARIYO PyeongChang” dance music video promoting 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. Must-to-Remember is to carry the keyword “2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games” in your video - use props, costumes, catchy dance choreography and etc. whatever you can think of! 
Be creative, have a blast!
  3. Upload your final video to YOUTUBE and send us your submission form on our site below starting from September 27th,2016 to December,31,2016.
  4. Share your video with friends and spread the words! The more ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ you get, the closer you get to winning the big prize!!
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by Juhan Lee of Winterplay
Feat. Hyorin of SISTAR


1. Who can enter this contest?
Anyone regardless of age, sex, residence.
2. What is the contest schedule? 


Sep.27.2016 until Dec.31.2016.



Winner Announcement:

*Postponed from the original date Jan.20.2017

Winners will be contacted individually via email.
아리랑(ARIRANG) juhan lee
juhan lee

Juhan Lee Winterplay

The Music & The Artist

Producer, songwriter
and trumpet player

Juhan Lee, the Korea’s best jazz musician and a trumpet player is (a.k.a ‘The Jazz Chameleon’) known for his versatile play beyond musical styles and genres plays an important and influential part in both the Asian Jazz and Pop music scene over past decade.

In 2007, he established himself as a reputable music producer by creating a pop jazz band called Winterplay. It quickly became an Asian sensation, and within a year, signed by Universal Music Japan, for worldwide distribution rights.He is credited for creating the first Hallyu wave and no doubt the leader of "Jazz Hallyu".

The artist joins with Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea in this [ Arariyo! “Can’t Stop Moving” Dance Video Contest ] project. 

In celebration of upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, he reinvents the most well-known and beloved korean folk song “Arirang” (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) into a groovy dance number “Arariyo PyeongChang” that will make global olympic fans “can’t stop moving”.

Find out more about Winterplay


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